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I can take care of myself better with all the help and knowledge provided by the Royalcare. They help me a great deal and gave me more confidence. Since my treatments, I've been able to do the thing that I was not able to do before.

I think the services that was provided by Royalcare staff has made a very positive difference in my mother's life. It has visibly helped with her strength and mobility. I also believe the physical improvement helps her mental condition as well.
Patient's Son

Royalcare is a fantastic company with great staff!
Director of Community Relations of
One of the Prominent Assistive Living Facilities in Michigan.

Royalcare is genuinely very caring and knowledgeable in their rehabilitation skills. I would highly recommend them anytime to anyone!
Patient's Daughter

Our assisted living facility is a residential facility for senior adults. Many of the residents need help with physical problems. We are very blessed to have Royalcare staffs come here a few times each week to help "fix" these problems. They have great skills and they really have helped eliminate or alleviate these problems. One lady could only sit in a chair. She is now able to walk alone. I had a painful back and with their treatments the pain is gone. They are now working on my shoulder.
Laura Lee

The Treatment was great for my mom and she seemed to enjoy it, Getting her motivated is an important part of her health program. It was especially helpful for me to be shown the exercise program so I can help her when I visit.
Patient's son

I have been completely satisfied with the services of Royalcare, especially with Rehab services. I know that my husband is getting the treatment that he needs. The staffs are very patient with him and always talk to him even though he has difficulty communicating. When they work with him I feel completely satisfied that he is really being helped with the services.
Patient's wife

Recipient of the Home Care Elite Award of Excellence
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